Frequently Asked Questions MUN Programmes

Students solve real-world issues from the perspective of a country that they are assigned. Students will have to make speeches, debate, negotiate, write resolutions, and lobby to get them passed.

Students gain confidence in public speaking, debate, and negotiation. Students learn about world issues and feel part of a worldwide community. Students make new friends from around the world. And students become inspired to lead and create change. 

Colleges are looking for students who are globally aware and have leadership skills, and these are the exact two qualities that Model UN develops in students. 

Model UN is different from Speech & Debate or Mock Trial in that the students have to work in-depth with students from other schools to solve issues together rather than debating against them. Model UN is different from Model Congress or JSA in that it’s focused on world issues rather than on domestic issues. Students also have the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the topics they discuss over the course of a six-hour (or more) conference and view them from the perspective of different countries.

Best Delegate seeks to Bring Out the Best in every student. We want to help students gain more confidence than when they started, and we do this through our program design, educators’ mindset, and teachable moments in MUN.  

Our world-class curriculum is designed by Best Delegate MUN experts, and our programs are taught by renowned leaders at MUNs. The HO team will guide and facilitate participants through trainings and mock conference.