Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

The Human Rights council is an inter-governmental body with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights across the globe. The HRC was one of the first committees of the UN. The charter of human rights set the standard for the wellbeing, respect and dignity of all human beings in the world.
2023 marks 75th year the signing of 50 UN nations the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. HRC has pushed laws in medicine, technology, the environment, social and political expression, economic and labour & more to safeguard the human rights. The Declaration reflects an agreement that equality, freedom and justice are values that drive a thriving society when everyone could experience equal access to opportunities in these domains and any of their choosing.
The Declaration is a life guide encompassing 30 articles that address rights and benefits, which have been realized by many yet outside the reach of others. These include access to education, employment, fair pay, voting rights, healthcare and more; the values of free speech, privacy, and mutual respect irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion are evinced by the Declaration.

Understanding the UN Human Rights Council: What You Need to Know


Shriya Gupta

Vice Chairperson