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Simulation of International Diplomacy

Model United Nations (MUN) simulate international diplomacy by providing participants with a platform to engage in diplomatic discussions and negotiations. It cultivates skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and consensus-building, while fostering a global perspective and promoting cross-cultural understanding among participants.

Research & Preparation

MUN requires extensive research and preparation from participants. They delve into assigned countries' policies, positions, and perspectives or roles, equipping themselves with in-depth knowledge on global issues. This process enhances their understanding, critical thinking abilities, and enables effective engagement during MUN debates and discussions.

Skill Development

MUN offers a valuable platform for skill development. Participants enhance their critical thinking, public speaking, and negotiation skills by engaging in debates and discussions. MUN also promotes research, teamwork, leadership, and cultural awareness, empowering individuals to become effective communicators and global citizens.

Why Participate in Model United Nations ?

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